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Friday, August 24, 2012

Fliptop Box

Fliptop Box is at its heart a heavier version of the traditional post grunge that dominated the second half of the 90s. Now I am not going to discuss the merits of post grunge here, but before you stop reading because “Eww post grunge means Nickelback and Creed” I must tell you that Fliptop Box, while definitely in the same vein as those bands, takes it to the next level. They fulfill everything that post grunge could have been.

 They have a heavy sound with excellent compositions that show that not all post grunge has to be for idiot teenagers. There is a true power to be had here and shows that this band has a lot more to it than the genre label. The guitar work is heavy and filled with lots of tasty fills. They drive the music forward, ever to new heights. The solos are actually good, instead of three note pieces of crap these solos actually have some motion and fit well into the songs.

 The bass work is solid and adds a lot of strength to the guitar riffs. In particular on the heavier rhythm parts of Scarface God we get to see this bassist truly shine. The drumming is solid and has some really cool arrangements. It nicely fits into the mood set up by the guitars. The drummer of this band manages to pull off some interesting fills that don't sound contrived. They have all of the power and strength of metal drumming mixed with a more placid rock element. 

Finally we have the vocals, they are very powerful and raw, they show a man fully in his music. The singer has a strong Greek accent which is actually kind of cool. It makes the band sound rather unique and gives them a different vibe, its sure better than the yarling found in most post-grunge acts.

In conclusion Fliptop Box is a tasty post grunge band who proved to me that the genre does not in fact have to suck. So go check them out!

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