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Friday, August 10, 2012


Subscale is djent in its finest form. With a sound that is brutal, complex and simply unforgettable I will be listening to these guys for a long time to come. The guitar playing is filled with tons of great riffs and the bizarre rhythms reek of Meshuggah. They have the old school djent magic and really show the genre at its best. The bass playing is very solid and it really shines on some of the heavier parts. I particularly like the heavy bass riff in the verse of Fictional Constructs. The drumming is intense and a variety of fast and tricky fills will never leave you bored. This groups drummer really knows how to play and can get seemingly any kind of fill down perfectly. Finally we have the vocals. This bands' singer is a big mean scream machine. His growls are brutal to the max, yet there is a more experimental side here too. With a few layered in effects at times the music manages to stay very interesting. In conclusion, Subscale is one of THE up and coming djent bands and you NEED to check them out!

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