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Friday, August 10, 2012


Spectrums EP cover art
Initium is a cool prog band with a sound that combines both more old school masters like Dream Theater with more modern Djent stuff, or even elements of Between The Buried and Me. The guitar playing is a really cool mix of old and new. I guess you could best describe it as what would happen if John Petrucci played in a djent band that really like Between the Buried and Me. The playing is brilliant and the guitarist is a true master. He gets plenty of chances to show it too. He truly shines on this record. The bass playing is also fairly excellent and on the acoustic pauses there is some truly masterful bass stuff that goes down. It adds a lot of flavor to the band and keeps things interesting. The drumming is spectacular, able to keep up with djent stuff and more typical prog playing he shows that he too is a master. It's really brilliant to see these musical geniuses all getting together and creating some brilliant songs. The growls are very powerful and they add an aggressive layer to what is a rather technical band. All in all Initium is a stellar act that we will not soon forget. They truly get prog and could very well become legends!

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