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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Your Band is a Virus

You may have noticed the new ad on the right of our page for a book, today I am reviewing that book, Your Band is a Virus. This book is a must read for any unsigned musician who wants to get big. This is a book that can rocket your band to superstardom. James Moore manages to distill a good chunk of what you need to know to make your band succeed into 75 packed pages of awesomeness. This book has a lot of good content that will mean that it is worth multiple reads to fully get everything. Meanwhile, the style is also very good clear and straightforward. Last of all there are a lot of extras that help round this book out and give it a little boost to make it an all time great. All in all, Your Band is a Virus could very easily be the book that propels your band to the next level, anyone can take lessons away from this book and I'm sure it'll be useful to you. In particular the huge amount of content means you have a lot to read up on.

This book is chock full of information, everything from how to create a good band site too how to contact blogs and reviewers (like me). He takes out a lot of the mystique around it and shows that the vast majority of promo work can be done by just about anyone. He teaches unsigned bands how to have a good image with their fans and also how to be humble. He really shows the young band the way to getting that record deal, or that gig, or those facebook fans or whatever. This book distills all the greatest things that I have seen in the most popular bands that I work with, and makes them seem simple for the normal reader. Moore makes quite the accomplishment here, however there are a few drawbacks which mostly make the book feel a few years out-dated. Fortunately, I know that he is gearing up to make a new edition and I am sure all the out dated bits will be easily fixed!

Stylistically this book is very straightforward. With a absolutely no frills approach James makes sure that this book is easily readable and well formatted. There is nothing that hurts the eye here, everything is nicely put together and simple. Even the use of language is pretty easy to get. This is a book that shouldn't give too much headache to people with a lower level of English. I personally feel that this is a great thing because it vastly increases the range of people who will be able to use this book, and dear lord, do a lot of people need it. The simpler language also means that everything is fairly easy to digest and that while multiple reads are recommended, you probably can learn a lot from just one go through, I know I did.

The final thing I would like to address is all the little extra's available in this book. They provide the reader with a wealth of contacts, of people who are willing to help them out and give them a boost in the highly competitive world of unsigned music. While primarily focused on rock and folk type people there are reviewers for all genres including death metal. The fact that he does this, among other things creates a personal connection with the reader. And not only that but it actively helps the reader take the first step into the world of self promotion. This is a beautiful thing that he does and it really takes the book to the next level for me.

In conclusion Your Band is a Virus is an awesome read, easy, and filled with content you can't HELP but learn something from this book. Even I, as a blogger got some cool lessons from what James had to say. A necessary tome for the unsigned musician Your Band is a Virus is the first step in driving your band to fame. There are very few things you can leverage criticism at, but after talking with James via Facebook I have learned that the new edition will ameliorate upon all of them and add more. But as is, this book is worth far more than the few bucks you have to shell out to buy it. This book will bring your band to popularity and help you pave the way for your music career. Go buy it now!

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