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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Unseelie is a cool modern symphonic metal band. They have a rather powerful sound that incorporates both folk and gothic elements. In many ways I am reminded a lot of Leaves Eyes, like O An Thar (a band I reviewed recently) this band finds a nice combination between its heavier side and more acoustic beauty. The guitar parts are often rather rhythmically complex and filled with all sorts of fun riffs. You really get headbanging on the heaviest bits, it adds a lot of flavor to the music. There is also an acoustic side that is mostly comprised of arpeggiated chords. This also adds a great element to the music and encourages you to keep listening. The bass work on this record is pretty solid and there are a lot of powerful parts where the bass really shines through. It shows the true power of this guy and all the might that he can add to a band. The drumming is steady and fits nicely into the more complex symph metal rhythms. It also does a good job in fitting into the more acoustic side of the music. In particular the drumming on the acoustic parts is very tasty as it shows all that this guy can do. His playing also fits nicely into the beautiful progressive arrangements. At once beautiful and calm and aggressive and brutal, this drummer is pretty excellent. The keyboard work is often symphonic and adds a very epic layer to the music. In particular the keys on Le Printemps de Desdémone are brilliant. Finally we have the vocals, classically trained and very melodic the singer of this band can really belt it. Her voice is beautiful and you don't want to stop listening. She really makes this band as great as it is. In conclusion, Unseelie is a very cool and tasty symph metal band that combines cool goth and folk elements to create a unique sound that you will not get tired of.

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