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Saturday, September 8, 2012

11th Plague

11th Plague
11th Plague is a nifty thrash/death metal band that simply scream heavy metal. With a bit of a Lamb of God edge these guys pull you in to a world of truly extreme metal. With a sound that you must mosh to it is impossible to ignore these death metal new comers. The guitar riffs are heavy and feature a good amount of riffage. They have a certain evil to them that adds a lot of power to the music. In particular, the riff on Putrid is rather awesome. Meanwhile the bass is really heavy and dominates with some really powerful lines. I really like it's place in the mix, we really get to hear it in all of its thudding glory. Meanwhile the drumming is solid and features some decent fills. I would just like to point out that some of the drum recording is not optimal to say the least and I think if ameliorate it would really help this band out. The growls are really powerful on this record. They have a lot of the energy and anger that Randy Blythe puts into his singing. I really like the way they fit into the music. Overall, 11th Plague is a pretty awesome new band who you probably want to go check out!

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