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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Austin Deathtrip

Austin Deathtrip is a German metal band formed in Oldenburg, Germany. Created in 2011, the band consists of members Buck Austin (all vocals), Matt D. Austin (electric guitar), Jim Austin (bass guitar) and Chuck Austin (drums, percussion). They are signed to the German record label, Suchend. They are influenced by other Metal bands such as Chimaira, Misery Index, Pantera and Sepultura. They have recently released an EP called Texas Bulldozer, which consists of four songs; A Hypocrite's Manifest, Cain, Butt Spanker and Terence Hills Have Ice. These are four extremely heavy songs, with a lot of effort put into them. It's easy to tell that this is the sort of band that works hard and treats their work with respect, taking their music very seriously. Now, I have to say that I enjoyed this EP. A LOT! This is by far some of the best metal work to come out of Germany since Rammstein's glory days, but not as industrial. The EP heavily focuses on fully distorted guitars, heavy basses, avalanche drumming and brutal vocals. Technically, the way metal should be! While it doesn't rely at all on electronics, the band is still quite unique. Rammstein have done it before, I know, but these guys do it on a more daily basis. They combine English and German lyrics into devastating songs of sheer brutality! And that, my friends, is how metal is done! By originality! But how do these guys do it? Well, I have to say that, like all metal bands, their songs are extremely repetitive. But that's the point of metal, isn't it? Music as a whole is very repetitive, some genres more than others. But that doesn't make things any worse, because at the end of the day it depends on HOW you play your instruments, not specifically on what you play. Now, first off we have the vocals. Well, they are impressive, brutal, strong, manly and terrifying to say the least. AKA, 10/10! The guitar playing is a mixed bag of fast and slow, dreamy and loud. Something that few guitarists can manage to pull off in one EP. Hats off to you, Matt. The bass? It's heavy and keeps everybody else in check, making sure that nobody is out of time. And finally the drums, by far having the most impressive features on the album. Chuck starts off the songs well and he finishes them off well, by drumming his heart out and making time an extremely important element in this band. Now, let's break down the songs. A Hypocrite's Manifest is a brilliant way to start off a good metal EP, and it delves you in. Cain and Butt Spanker are songs that you can really enjoy, and will get you in the mood for one-man moshing! And Terence Hills Have Eyes is a great way to finish off a short but incredibly sweet EP, with powerful lyrics and brutal instrumentals. So, is this band promising? Yes, it definitely is! Give it some credit and spread the word, because this is the best thing to come out of Germany since Rammstein! So, time for a little recap.

Band: Austin Deathtrip
Country: Oldenburg, Germany
Genre: Metal
EP: Texas Bulldozer
Songs: A Hypocrite's Manifest, Cain, Butt Spanker, Terence Hills Have Eyes
Label: Suchend
Rating: 5/5

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