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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Balthasar is a cool new prog band from the Midlands. Asides from being from a really cool area of a really cool country this band has a very interesting and multifaceted sound that is hard to describe in only a few hundred words. Their music is powerful and emotional, beautiful and delicate, yet also brutal and evil. There is even a folk metal side to this band! I'll just say that the guitar parts are very well composed. They feature some really cool solos, and it is apparent that this guy knows what he is doing. Meanwhile the bass work is solid and there are some really fascinating lines. Some of the more complex stuff could even be compared to Myung. I think that the drum programming is pretty good and I feel like they chose a pretty decent program, it fits in nicely to the mix. I like its arrangement and it really gets the job done, which is all you need from programmed drums. The keyboard work is really beautiful and has a really cool folky side which adds an interesting element to the music. There are also some cool atmospheric parts that really compliment the arrangements and seem like they would be awesome live. Finally the vocals are almost chanted, they are very powerful and have a Bathory-like quality to them. Far from omnipresent the vocals only occasionally show up to add a bit of flavor to the music, I actually really like that, it fits in well with the sound. The growls are deep and brutal, they add a bit of a BTBAM flavor to the music. In conclusion Balthasar is a really cool prog band that has all of the elements to be a pretty big success. They have the talent, but can their sound sufficiently evolve to take this band to stardom? Only time will tell.

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