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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fisherman's Death
Fisherman's Death is a viking-esque melodic death metal band very much in the vein of Amon Amarth, but with more of a pirate feel. Their song Davy Jones Locker is essentially what would happen if Amon Amarth decided to be pirates for a day. I find this to actually be kind of amazing and to have a lot of flavor. The guitar parts are powerful and filled with lots of cool folky melodies. I really like the way they fit under the choral parts. It adds a lot of depth and might to the music. Meanwhile the bass work is rather heavy and really shines on some of the destructive rhythm attacks. Speaking of which, this bands drummer has the double bass charge down. He can continue his attack for minutes on end while adding some pretty cool fills on top. He is exactly what a folk metal drummer should be, capable of everything, including ridiculous amounts of double bass. The growls are vicious and have a lot of that brutal death metal might to them that makes bands like Skyforger so cool. They add a true viking layer and carry you back to a manlier time. The singers growls are really wonderful and well enunciated. The lyrics are actually rather easy to understand! Overall, Fisherman's Death is an awesome folk metal band with a sound that is hard to forget. So go check them out!

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