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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Circle of Reason

Circle of Reason is a cool young alt rock band with a sound that combines elements of prog, rock, punk and metal. They are extremely tight and their music features a lot of cool riffs and melodies. The guitar parts are explosive and can show some really impressive punk rock riffing. The heavy chorus in Chasing the Sun. At the same time there are some really cool melodic fills and solos that add in some nice hooks. The bass work is pretty solid and really shines on some of the swirling riffs of Silver Scene. It adds a certain heaviness that makes sure that the band is heavy in all the right ways. The drumming is very solid and I think that some of the arrangements are really well done. At the same time there can be a lack of good fills at times, but the overall quality of the arrangement makes up for that. The singing has a lot of the modern rock feel that makes bands like Mars Volta so good. Yet there is more meat here in this vocalists work than in many other bands. It adds a lot more power to the music and makes it less bland than most other modern rock. In conclusion, Circle of Reason is a stellar act who any modern rock or punk fan will enjoy. Go check them out!

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