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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


 Organised Chaos cover art
Unbeliever is a crazy new band that labels itself "chaotic hardcore" and quite honestly, that's pretty close to the mark. With a crazy hardcore sound these guys are barely together, yet somehow they manage to not fall apart. The guitar riffs are usually pretty simple but incredibly fast. In addition there are some pretty nifty effects that really create some cool layers in the sound. I really like the outro riff of Organised Chaos too, I find it to be wonderfully chunky. The bass playing is very loud on this record and it really brings the sound down to brutal levels. It especially shines when the guitar is going off in a more experimental bit with all of the effects layered on. The drumming is crazy and features a lot of manic snare drum hits along with some heavier bass pedal stuff. I find that that really helps push their single forward. Finally, the growls sound almost shouted, even pained. They have a lot of anger behind them, like somebody trying to get vengeance. They fit in very well with the music and definitely have a good place in the mix. In conclusion Unbeliever is a really cool new band with a crazy sound you will not soon forget!

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