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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Earthrise is a mind crushing post metal band with a sound that is ridiculously brutal and that must be stupendous live. It combines a crushingly heavy sound with some virtuoso elements. This band is brutally evil and is almost impossible to describe. Yet I will try... The guitar work is destructive. The sound has an evil dominion over my ears that will not let them relax. It forces them under their crushing might and keeps me centered on this beautifully brutal music. Meanwhile the heavy bass has tons of heavy fills that really help fill out this bands already excessive bottom end.  I really like the stoner metal feel that they can add to some of the songs. the drums are reasonably heavy but they have a real crashing feel to them that ensure that the music continues on in it's brutally sludgy fashion. I think there are some really cool fills but the way the drums are mixed makes them feel weird and airy... Finally the vocals have a lot of the evil that makes post metal so cool. The overall shoutiness gives a bit of a hardcore feel but their still is a growly edge that keeps things firmly post metal. In conclusion Earthrise is a colossaly heavy and sludgy band that you MUST check out!

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