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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Loga is an awesome modern death metal band who have a solid Lamb of God feel that means that they do not forget the thrash metal brutality that makes death metal awesome. This a true modern death metal band, they don't bore you with obnoxious solos or impossible riffs, this is just true metal. The guitar riffs are really fast and feature some cool hooks at the ends of their phrases. It adds a true headbanging feel to the music. The overall groove metal quality is impossibly fun and very heavy. M The drum attack is vicious and features a ton of really cool fills. The double bass work is really solid and adds a lot of flavor too. It also helps bring the sound down in a band that has no bassist. Finally, the growls are pretty vicious and very much in the vein of those of Randy Blythe. I find that they have a lot of the same evil and might. In conclusion, Loga is a very mighty metal act that will rip your head off and make you throw out your spine through headbanging. Go check them out!

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