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Friday, September 14, 2012

Empyrean Plague-Imprint Evidence Destiny

Empyrean Plague has gone and released another destructive slab of their very own brand of ambient post black metal. This album goes out and provides another extremely interesting and layered slab of music that very few bands can emulate. With an evil quality to them that only the blackest bands get these guys charge ahead and teach you the true meaning of metal.

They have guitar riffs that are at once melodic and beautiful and brutal and destructive the songwriting on this record is brilliant. The riffs can very easily change from Alcest level beauty and magic to songs that emulate the darkest depths of Dark Throne's sound. Their is something for everyone here.

The bass work is rather solid and really helps blacken up the sound a bit. It adds a certain something to the bottom end that just makes it overall more evil sounding. Meanwhile the drumming is very heavy and solid. However I would like to point out that it's mix seems a bit weird to me on some songs. I don't know why. Yet the playing is absolutely stellar and features some really cool bits. In particular the song Imprint Evidence Destiny has a brilliant drum part.

Finally the growls are evil and feature a lot of the black metal inhales that make the genre so cool. However there are still some pretty decent exhales that add a lot of flavor. Also, the more choral vocals are really beautiful and give the band a trve chance to shine.

In conclusion there is a lot to check out here and this album is worth many listens. I still don't think I've gotten all the concepts on this album through my brain. Overall Empyrean Plague's new EP is an extremely tasty slab of black metal that you should really check out!

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