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Friday, September 14, 2012

Death Of A Salesman

Death of a Salesman is a very intelligent modern hardcore band that really captures all that hardcore can truly be. A headbanging good time for one and very much in line with the greatest goals of metal. Listening to this band you can't not want to windmill, the riffs are just THAT good. I find that the riffs have a lot of energy in them but they manage to stay clear and the execution is very solid. It really manages to shine and show off the best that hardcore can be. The bass work is very heavy and it really has some dominant riffs. For example the bass riff on the verse of Danger Close is simply destructive. Overall it really helps bring the sound down into a more evil register. The drums feature a lot of heavy bass playing but overall are not that fast. There are some decent double bass attacks but overall nothing truly spectacular happens. However there are some really great and hectic fills that add a lot of flavor to the music. Finally, the growls are powerful and feature some of the destructive sounds that I like so much in the Paris Hardcore scene. They are evil yet they have an old school death metal feel to them at times. Overall Death of A Salesman in a brutally powerful act that will rip your head off and force it to windmill. Go check them out!

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