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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Empyrean Plague

Empyrean Plague is one of those bands that makes me go... "Man, for all its bad rep, Black Metal is kind of brilliant". With an evil sound that reminds me a lot of bands like Agalloch they are not afraid to add some folk metal elements to make a powerful and varied black metal sound that will take you to the deepest pit of Tartarus and back. The guitar parts feature a lot of the simple standard black metal riffs that make the genre so awesome. However this band is not afraid to incorporate a few different acoustic elements that add a bit of a post-black metal feel to the songs. The bass playing is fairly solid but none too complex, obviously, this being black metal, that's a good thing. It does really help drag the sound down though and I think that overall the execution is pretty tight, especially for a black metal band. The drumming features a lot of very kvlt double bass work that really keeps the energy level up. In addition, the drum solo on the intro of Our Horizon Calls adds a bit of flavor that many modern black metal bands do not have. Finally, the growls are filled with an evil might that hearkens back to the black metal bands like Aggaloch and Immortal. In addition there are a few more folk metal type choruses that feature epic chanted vocals. I find that they are truly just the icing on a very trve and kvlt cake. In conclusion, Empyrean Plague is a killer band that will melt your face with their sheer black metal might. Go check them out!

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