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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

United By Hate-Indulgence in Sacrilege

In a world that seemed to be missing something new and fresh in it's brutal death metal, along cmae Dark Harvest records, publicizing some brilliant young brutal death acts. One of these is United By Hate and their album Indulgence in Sacrilege. A pure ball of satanic might this album will burn your face off and teach you the true meaning of metal. The heart of this album is in the brutal twin guitar attack that will rip your face off and shove it into the ground. However there is also an extraordinarily heavy bass that helps the riffs pound along. A solid drummer creates a seemingly endless double bass attack that will slowly melt your brain. Finally, twisted vocals are the icing on the cake and add a true old school feel to the music.

This album features some of the sick guitar work that makes bands like Cannibal Corpse so good. It has all of the raw brutality of one of those classic albums. The sheer riffage is intimidating and there are solos that teach you the meaning of hate. They are all rather well arranged so that they show some creativity even if they are pretty tightly locked into the brutal death/gore genre. I would like to point out that some of the riffs really scream Deicide. The solos are not too common but they always fit in very nicely with the music.

The bass work is extremely heavy and dominates some of the more evil sounding riffs in songs like Resurrection. They lend a overpowering brutality to a lot of the riffs and even have a few nifty fills. On the evilly slow riffs the bass really shines too, as it is given a chance to really thunder and strut its stuff. The drumming is relentless filled with tons of fast fills. The sheer amount of double bass on this album is incredible. Suffice to say, this guy must have really, really strong legs. However there are some other cool fills too, usually layered on top of the double bass attack. This adds a nice flavor to some of the music and adds an interesting layer that many extreme bands can not claim to have.

The growls combine the more mainstream higher shrieked screams reminiscent of Deicide with a deeper scarier Cannibal Corpse style growl. This strikes a pretty cool balance and the contrast is sometimes hard to wrap your head around. However I feel that in the end it works out pretty well. He has a lot of evil trapped up in his growling and the music of this band provides the perfect release valve. His growls fit in very nicely with the old school brutal death feel of a lot of the music. Overall, I couldn't really imagine another type of vocalist to have fronting this band.

In conclusion Indulgence In Sacrilege is a testimony to the power of young brutal death metal bands. United By Hate has all of the evil might that makes our heroes like Cannibal Corpse and Deicide so good. Yet when fueled with a more modern taste and some truly evil riffage they become their own unique group. The neverending drum attacking is in many ways an allegory for this band, they will never let up and will punish your ears into submission. This band has all of the heaviness and satanism to dominate in the modern scene, and I can't wait to see them go and do it. Go buy this album people!

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