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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Memory Clinic

Memory Clinic is a Shoegaze band with a bit of a garage and noise taste to it that helps make this band seem a bit less whiny and obnoxious than your typical shoegazers. There sound has an almost disturbing quality, reminiscent of a lot of The Velvet Underground's stuff. The guitar parts are simple but there are bizarre layers of distortion that ensure that the music will interest you. Admittedly, some of the more normal sounding riffs are actually kind of fun and have a 60s pop vibe to them. To counteract the seemingly inhuman guitar parts there are some really solid bass lines. In fact the bass is really what holds this band together, with the drums it makes sure that all of the songs have steady and even bouncy beats that keep you listening. I find that the drums add a pretty major pop feel to a lot of the music. They feature some really bouncy rhythms that really hearken back to bands like The Velvet Underground. The vocals are mostly sung, yet at times they can descend into an almost spoken chant. Overall this singer seems to have a pretty good handle on what he is doing and his melodies in Er Mwyn Ni are pretty mystical and beautiful. In conclusion, Memory Clinic is a cool shoegaze band that combines a lot of different elements for a fun and unique sound.

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