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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nothing Inside Eyes

Nothing Inside Eyes is a fast and dirty thrash metal band from the Republic of San Marino. Their music is heavy and brutal. It has an attack filled with old school attitude mixed with the best of modern hardcore. The guitar parts are filled with heavy thrash metal riffs that would make Kerry King proud. Even the breakdowns are pretty cool and get a genuine slowness and might in them that is hard to ignore. The bass work features all sorts of crazy attacks. As in most hardcore bands, his role is increased ten-fold during the breakdowns. However he really does a good job of bringing the bands sound down throughout. The drumming is aggressive and fast. Even though it can often be rather repetitive there is a bounty of fills that the drummer uses to spice up his playing. I particularly like the drums on the intro of The Day the Skies Fall on Earth. The growls are pretty typical of modern hardcore. They have a twisted an unholy feel to them that calls to mind some of my favorite Paris hardcore bands like L'Esprit du Clan and the Aaars. In conclusion Nothing Inside Eyes is an exciting band with a lot of cool fills and riffs, go check them out!

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