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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Morality Crisis-North

Morality Crisis is a very fun hard riffing rock and roll death metal band. It's hard to explain but the only way to describe Mortality Crisis' sound is Death & Roll. It has a lot of flavor and really generates a lot of energy. It shows that Mortality Crisis, though a young band, could soon have the death metal world at their feet.

The guitar work on this record is very fun and features a ton of cool riffs. I feel like the songs were composed with the intention of having a loose jamming Motorhead feel to them. Yet they don't have the sludgy sound that many of  Motorheads' musical descendants seem to have. Overall I feel like the guitars are really well executed and add a lot of flavor to the music.

The drumming on this record is really stellar and is in a large part responsible for the wild quality of the sound. The mixing gives it a real live feel and really gets your body moving with the rhythm. Meanwhile the bass work is very heavy and adds an explosive punch to the bottom end of the sound. Overall, the rhythm section is wild and fun but gets the job done.

Finally the growls are excellent. At first they seem out of place over top of the very rock  and roll music. Yet as you start to digest the riffs and the arrangements it makes sense. Suddenly this band becomes very cool and very unique. The singer does a great job and really sets up a great atmosphere for the music.

In conclusion, North is a really cool and high energy EP that shows off some cool death metal with a huge rock and roll feel. This EP is a great slab of music and shows a really interesting side of the genre. I strongly recommend you go check it out!

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