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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Maelström - Single cover art
Atomis is a destructively beautiful post-metal band with a sound that will really blow you away and force you to look at the world of post music in a new and exciting way. Atomis really just takes the genre to the perfect extreme and creates some beautiful and powerful. Their debut single shows off an incredible future for this band. They are filled to the brim with potential and I could really see these guys going far. Their music at once combines beautiful and mighty atmospheric qualities with a more down to earth brain ripping sludge. It's a really interesting combination that took me multiple listens to really understand. In addition, I have to point out that the music video they sent me is pretty awesome and EXTREMELY trippy. It truly is a good reflection of the music. All in all, Atomis shows a ton of potential and could very well change your life. Check them out!

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