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Monday, September 10, 2012


Outlived is a nifty hardcore band who remind me a bit of Baroness. They have a really powerful and energetic sound that seems to be bursting at the seams. It features a lot of the punk energy that helps to make bands like Black Flag so awesome. The guitar work features some very solid riffs and they really get your entire body moving. In particular the riff on Lose Control is very awesome. It gets a really nice rhythm attack going. Meanwhile the bass work is mangled sounding and features a ton of really heavy riffs. It adds a nice layer to the music and makes things seem raw and unproduced. (Which honestly, they kind of are. Not that that's a bad thing) The drumming is solid but it mostly uses pretty simple fills. However there are some tasty licks that add some flavor. Overall though it gets the job done and gives the band a high energy level. Finally the vocals are raw and feel... wrong somehow. They have a lot of anger and hate behind them yet the style is kind of unique. I really like the way its' half growl adds an almost classic rock feel to the music at times. Overall Outlived is an aggressive and almost evil sounding hardcore band with a true punk edge. Go check them out!

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  1. Are you actually kidding? Baroness? Seriously?
    I could compare them to Mastodon but that would only be because the opening riff of Cessation is just Mastodons Blood and Thunder.
    I have seen these guys live and it was one of the worst things I have ever seen gig wise. They can barely play and their arrogance is totally unfounded.
    There is so much I could say about their recorded output..but I don't want to waste my time.
    All I have left to say is Lose Control should be called We Lost Our Timing...the vocals are so out its actually painful.

    These kiddy hardcore bands grate so much, a 12 minute set, tons of merch, in the studio videos..cribs style.

    More Metallica than hardcore, boys.