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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hosoi Bros

Wine Witch cover art
Hosoi Bros is a bluesy, sludgy hard rock band that really reminds me of Boar XI or maybe a heavier Gypsyhawk. They combine a classic hard rock sound with ferocious and evil sounding vocals that come across as the perfect mix of death metal and classic rock. The guitar parts are heavy and really high energy. They have a lot of the garage energy that makes classic punk so good and fun. The bass work is really heavy and really gets a good place in the mix. It particularly shines during the bridge of Wine Witch where the heavy bass part really helps to add a lot of flavor to the song. Meanwhile, the drumming is hectic and filled with lots of really intense fills. It adds a manic energy to the music and drives everything to a new level. The vocals are powerful and filled with a crushing energy that adds a layer of evil to the music. It also adds a bit of a sludge/death metal feel and really makes for an interesting mixing of genres. All in all, Hosoi Bros is an awesome band and anyone who sees them open for Gypsyhawk will be most privileged indeed.

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