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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Poney-Octavius/Melt Trip

Octavius / Melt Trip cover art
Poney is a hardcore n roll band who are signed with our friends at Minnesconsin records. Their new single Octavious/Melt Trip is a bizarre visit into the psychedelic yet brutal sound of this band. With guitar riffs that are best described as destructive but out there the band really gets the balance down right. They have all of the might that makes for a good hard core band and they definitely sound 'real' yet to counter this side the psychedelic breakdowns and trippy guitar solos are a lot of fun to listen too. The bass is high in the mix and really gets the sound up to its' headbanging best. In the psychedelic bits it really helps to keep the sound focused. Finally the drums are wicked and feature a variety of sounds that are often not found in hardcore music yet are the norm in psychedelia. This helps add another layer to the sound and make the music more interesting. Finally the growls are insane and filled with a true punk energy. They have a lot of fun in them and also a lot of anger. It really helps get the listener off. In conclusion, Poney is a really cool band and you will not regret checking out their new single!

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