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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Outer Skin

Outerskin is a nifty hard rock band from Madiera portugal. They have a lot of raw energy as well as a nice polished power metal side to them. This creates some very interesting and fun rock and roll in the grand old style of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.The guitars are heavy and feature a ton of fun riffs. They really capture the true NWOBHM feel that makes the genre so fun and so powerful to so many fans. Meanwhile the bass is very heavy and quite clearly has a large Steve Harris influence. There are a lot of really nice bass riffs that add a lot of flavor to the songs. The drumming is pretty heavy and features a nice classic metal feel. The fills are varied and show a lot of creativity. IT adds a nice layer to the music. Finally the vocals are high and pure and very power metal. This groups' singer is quite excellent and he really can carry you away in his music. In conclusion, Outerskin is really fun and will appeal to fans of any sort of classic metal. So go check them out!

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