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Saturday, September 8, 2012


Sophist is an epic prog rock band with a truly beautiful wash of keyboards that creates an almost Dream Theater like epic soundscape that will carry you away into an older more beautiful time. The guitar arrangements are epic and feature a lot of cool lines that add tons of flavor to the music. I really like some of the arpeggiated acoustic lines. The solos are also pretty mindbending. The bass playing is rather powerful and really lends a lot of might to some of the airier bits. Also on the heavier parts the bass adds a lot of aggression and power to the sound. The drumming is pretty solid and features a lot of really cool fills. It keeps the energy level up too and ensures that you don't get easily bored. It adds a nice layer to the music and keeps things tasty. finally the vocals are very powerful yet they have an almost dreamy quality that takes you away with the sound. I really like the meat behind them, the singer actually reminds me a bit of the guy from Haken. Overall, Sophist is an awesome prog band that will wrap you up in their sound and blow your mind. Go check them out!

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