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Friday, September 7, 2012

Summers End Comp is now out!

Hey guys! the comp is finally out! Remember ALL proceeds go to the charity Heifer International! Any and all donations from 1 cent on up are very much appreciated! This is for the children people, THE CHILDREN!
The goal is to raise $5,000 dollars in order to gift a struggling section of Africa a Heifer Project Ark. The Ark includes two 15 male and female pairs of animals such as cows, ox, sheep, camel, pigs, etc. which will greatly improve not only the quality of life in one area by creating a sustainable source of food and income, but also spreads onward to other areas as the village which receives the ark passes 1 offspring from each pair on to a neighboring village. Couldn't be more stoked to be a part of this, hope some of you feel so inclined to have a hand in as well, relevant links can be found on the bandcamp page below and here is a link to a description of the Ark:

The bands are great and want to get bigger, check 'em out and talk about them in the comments! As for the comp

Bandcamp link is HERE

Donate link (Also on Bandcamp page)  HERE

Happy Headbanging! \m/

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