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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Spawned From Hate

Withered & Decayed cover art
Spawned from hate is an excellent brutal/gore band with a lot of really scary lyrics and destructive riffs. They have a melodic edge to them which puts them a cut above many groups in the modern gore scene. It really adds to the brutality of the music and helps this band cut out it's own place in the scene. Overall the guitar playing is extremely heavy and features no shortage of Cannibal Corpse style riffs. However the sheer magic of the music is often found in the solos and the melodic layer they add. The bass work is very solid and features some rock solid playing. It really helps fill out the bottom end, which is obviously essential for a brutal death band. Meanwhile the drum progamming is really stellar and even features a few cool fills. The guy who programmed these drums really knew what he was doing. Finally the growls are evil sounding and have a lot of might behind them. I really like the power on the singing in Asphyxiate it really helps communicate the evil of the music. Overall Spawned from Hate is a great listen and all fans of gore and brutal death will be very please!

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