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Saturday, September 15, 2012


The Wildwood Sessions cover art
Price is a nifty modern hard rock band that is proudly Jewish. They have a powerful sound that at once mimics the best in modern hard rock and also some classic NWOBHM masters. Their music is very hooky and could be appealing to a huge demographic. The guitar parts are overall pretty simple but they do feature some pretty melodic riffs. The solos too are well executed and add a lot of flavor. They fit in nicely with the music and are very tight. The bass work is fairly solid and really just boosts some of the more basic riffs. It fills out the bottom end but not much else, still, getting the job done is always awesome, so hats off to that.  The drums are solid but could do with maybe a bit more flavor. Yet they too get the job done. I feel like that with a little more energy this band could really push the envelope. The vocals are pretty well done and fairly powerful. Yet I feel that they could be even more anthemic. All in all this band definitely has some good musicians they just need to let go and go crazy. That's when this band will go from decent to awesome. As is Price can get a tad bland... yet they have SO MUCH raw potential. So, Price is a cool modern hard rock band one little step away from domination. Go check them out.

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