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Friday, September 21, 2012


Transcending Reality cover art 
Testimony's new EP Transcending Reality represents one of the reasons I listen to metal. Awe inspiring brutality meets incredible musicianship. This record features some absolutely stellar playing that is hard to forget. The music is just so well arranged and put together that in many ways this band could be called the Dream Theater of Thrash Metal.

The guitar work on this record is very technically complex and features a lot of awesome multi-part ballads. The solos are often complex and filled with emotion. At the same time the riffage is destructive and this band's guitarist is true master of the craft. To say the least, he knows how to thrash.

The bass work is very solid and really keeps the riffs pummeling. It gets in your face and forces you to enjoy their music. It has a brutality and evil to it that really keeps the music sounding real and grounds a very technical band in reality. The drumming is hectic and features some really fancy fills. It adds a lot of flavor to the song structures.

Finally the growls are evil and even have a touch of grindcore to them. They have a lot of aggression in them and really help push the music to a new level. They are filled with a lot of anger which even adds a bit of an old-school death feel at times. Overall though they add a pretty significant grind taste and just make the band seem crazier.

In conclusion, Testimony is jazz gone mad. They have complex songs and ridiculous riffs. Their music remains very listenable though and features a lot of fun riffs. I'm sure tons of metalheads would really like this band and must go listen to their new EP. Do it my friends, do it for METAL!

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