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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Forsaken Creation

Today I bring you a review of the symphonic metal band The Forsaken Creation. With a look and sound that is maybe a bit more grown up than most of the bands on the symph metal scene The Forsaken Creation will draw you into their epic soundscape and take you for a ride you will not soon forget. The guitars are heavy and feature some cool riffs. With a sound that is not too brutal they really serve to add a metal taste without necessarily dominating the music. The acoustic side is prety cool too and shows off some interesting ideas. The bass work is solid and adds a lot of meat to the music. It helps fatten the guitar tones and really get your head banging. I think the drumming is pretty cool as it can be both symphonic and brutal . It features a lot of cool fills and wil The keyboards dominate their music and really give it a symphonic feel. It adds a lot of flavor and power to the songs. Meanwhile the vocals are beauty incarnate. This singer (also from Unseelie) has a beautiful classically trained voice that you will not soon forget. In conclusion The Forsaken Creation is a pretty cool symphonic band that will definitely interest you! Check them out.

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