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Sunday, October 21, 2012


Alphakill is a sick thrash metal band from Winnipeg Canada. Their music is savage and features all of the wildness that makes 80s thrash so much fun. Yet is also a bit more refined with something of a modern thrash taste at times. Very much in the vein of thrash giants like Annihilator or Exodus this band would appeal to many a metalhead. I would like to point out that in some cases the band seems to be limited by the production. While usually the mix is dynamic and makes the band seem extra heavy, at times the solos do not seem to quite 'fit'. But overall this band is absolutely destructive. Their is some really stellar songwriting here and in particular the song Unmitigated Disaster shows how this band can be like Testament, almost proggy and very technical. Overall, Alphakill is a wicked listen. Go check them out!

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