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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Voice of Dissent

Voice of Dissent is a nifty band who combine a variety of styles to create a sound that is straightforward, accessible, and well executed. While nothing here will change the way you look at music you will have a good time listening to them and definitely headbang. Voice of Dissent symbolizes some of the best metal mixed up and spat back out to create a really cool sound that will appeal to any metalhead. This band captures something that very few manage to have. Each riff feels cool, it seems tough and makes you want to fight. Voice of Dissent has all of the heavy metal magic of a band like Pantera. This is skull cracking music to say the least. The musicians are all stellar and the heavy bass playing adds a whole new layer. So go check out Voice of Dissent, they will tear you apart and put you back together wrong. They take no prisoners, and have no quarter, yet they are cool and brutal and you won't regret listening to them.

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