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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Crows Call Murder

Crows Call Murder is a fun hardcore band who capture a lot of the punk energy that makes the genre so good. Their sound is vicious and is not afraid to include a bit more of a djent and Veil of Maya-esque sound. The guitar riffs are often complex and feature a lot of weird djenty rhythms. Its cool though to hear this extremely technical music to have so much energy in it. It shows the band truly knows what they're doing. The bass riffs are heavy and really give a nice groove to a lot of the tracks. In particular the song Novella has a nice rhythm that gets your head banging. The drumming is solid and features a lot of technical fills that are often in the vein of bands like Northlane or even Periphery. The drummer gets a huge atmosphere going with his work behind the kit. Finally the vocals are often in darker growls, yet their are also some half shouted half sung cleaner bits that add almost a metalcore touch. While maybe not my cup of tea they DO have their place, so I won't complain to much. In conclusion, Crows Call Murder is a truly excellent metal band that will show you a whole new side of djent.

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