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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Villainizer is a hard moshing thrash metal band with a major influence from Middle Eastern culture. This band creates  really interesting sound that is truly its' own. With a fairly unique theme a lot of the riffs on this album are pretty cool. For example, the acoustic solo on "Jewish Necromancer" shows the true versatility of the music. The bass work is pretty heavy and drives the music with every crushing riff. I particularly like the way is hectic playing helps make a lot of the songs seem a lot more evil. The drumming features that crazy thrash metal energy too. The playing on the intro of Black Death (When Death's been drinking is particularly good. It shows off the sheer craziness of the sound and the energy that makes the music so fun to listen too. The singing is mostly made up of heavier thrash shouts that border on death growls. It is very vicious and really adds a nice taste of Slayer to a lot of the songs. IN conclusion, Villainizer is unique and definitely something to check out! So go do it now!

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