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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I review some unreleaseed Empyrean Plague stuff

So through my friendship with their bassist I've gotten my hands on some of the new Empyrean Plague stuff. Some of you may remember this band from my review of them from a few months ago. This is trve black metal at its finest with all of the magic and evil of Immortal mixed with epicness of Wood of Ypres. Speaking of Wood of Ypres, Empyrean Plague is going to be on an upcoming WoY dedication CD. One of the songs I received is there brilliant cover of the song Shredding the Deadwood. This shows the band at their finest. They take the doom/black atmosphere of WoY and recraft with their own darkened twist. The other track I got was a very kvlt demo to prep for their new release. It shows the band at their blackest, their mix of acoustic folk progressions with darker riffs creates a nice Agalloch feel. Yet this music is a lot grimmer than their previous releases, it shows the band taking a step forward into a frostier and much blacker territory. It is going to be a joy to hear this new record. And if you don't know these guys, go check them out now at the link below!

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