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Monday, October 15, 2012

Luay Rifai

Luay Rifai is a illumination fusion guitarist who knows how to lay out the craziest riffs and the speediest solos while still allowing room for a lot of emotion. Stylistically this guy is closest to Joe Satriani or maybe even Guthrie Govan. His riffs have a wild rock and roll energy to them but they don't get overly gratuitous like those of Yngwie Malmsteen. They just are, they rock, they roll and they're accessible. This is instrumental rock for the common man. Meanwhile, the backing band is pretty stellar and gives Rifai a nice padding to bounce off of. Their playing is pretty run of the mill, yet it gives him enough atmosphere to really create some magic. Overall though the playing is mindblowing. This guy truly knows how to make a guitar sing and do it in a way that doesn't turn off non-musicians. He is one of the few modern instrumental shredders who could truly make it big in th rock world. So go check him out and be amazed!

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