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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Minutes and Miles

Minutes and Miles is a pretty nifty mathcore band that uses very logical song structures to make a rather distinct technical hardcore sound that is maybe not quite music. Yet it sure is appealing. Their are many standard metalcore maxims to be heard here. Yet they are all put into a mathcore context and are suddenly made a lot fresher and a lot more interesting. The song structures are really well done and they show off a really impressive mind behind the music. Their are cool rhythms too, that, while not quite djent, definitely took a few tries to pull off properly. In particular the drums feature some really advanced and technical playing that seems to be completely detached from everything else. The sheer chaos and seeming randomness of the music is very similar to Meshuggah. I like it a lot in fact. The playing is also stellar, these musicians know how to rock. Meanwhile the growls are vicious and show off a lot of anger. Overall, Minutes and Miles is a lot to digest, but still very good, go check them out!

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