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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Viscerally Scarred

Viscerally Scarred is a very heavy death metal band with a demo that shows off the true spirit of death metal. With very brutal riffs that hearken back to the old days of Florida Death metal combined with an evil lack of production that is almost as punishing as Beherits'. The guitar parts are usually pretty simple, but they have a straightforward type of destruction. I particularly like the playing on Visions of the Dead which features a wicked breakdown. Meanwhile the bass is turned up loud to ensure a maximum of brutality. For me it is really the bass that allows this band to be as destructive as they are. The drumming features a major emphasis on the double bass parts. This guys attack never lets up. He really knows how to deliver the heavy stuff and how to do it well. Finally the growls are very much in the Florida Death style, with occasional inhales thrown in adding a bit of a cybergrind taste. In conclusion, Viscerally Scarred will take you back to the height of the Florida scene, chop you up and put you back together. Go check them out!

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