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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Carnal Agony

Carnal Agony is a fairly heavy metal band that seems to combine elements of Iron Maiden and Bathory. Their music features wild and high flying solos and tons of guitarmonies. This adds a nice classic vibe that tempers the atypical vocals. Really thats what makes this band unique, the vocal stylings are pretty out there yet somehow still reasonably accessible. In many ways this bands singer is a bit of a blend of Tom Warrior and Joey Belladona. It is rather cool to hear. Otherwise instrumentally this band is very tight and uses a lot of classic sounds yet still manages to be their own thing. I really like the classic vibe and all the magic it provides. Its cool to see a band with a death metal image have that kind of sound. Overall Carnal Agony is an interesting band who will probably get you headbanging. Check them out!

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