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Saturday, November 17, 2012

L'esprit Du Clan, Anonymus, Inside Project at the Divan du Monde

There is nothing quite like hardcore death metal to get the mosh pits rolling and last night at Divan Du Monde was no exception. Every band on the set was explosive and fun, their music was wild and everyone seemed to have a good time. This was a truly metal evening filled with only the most brutal metal. The first act on the list was the destructive Inside Project. Followed up by the Canadians in Anonymus we knew we were in for something grand. L'esprit Du Clan finally came on and they absolutely killed it. This was truly a night to remember.

This was my second time seeing Inside Project live (Last time was back here), seeing as they had a real stage this time I expected a much different vibe. But instead Manus' fabulous crowdleading and ability to connect with everyone in the audience came through. He has this way of growling into peoples faces, bringing the brutality right on home. Being front and center in this set was great because it meant that I got lots of full on screaming. It felt like a large part of the audience had no idea who Inside Project were when they came on, and when they went off, they only knew that they wanted more! This band truly did their best work last night.

Next up was Anonymus, with their unique brand of hardcore that draws influence from a variety of metal genres they really impressed me. Even though, going in, I didn't really know them I was thoroughly impressed. And through talking to them I was glad to find out that they were really great guys too! This was where the pit got started. With a couple of the other hardcore death metal freaks my friend Adrien and I got to cracking some skulls. With Anonymus onstage leading a bloody charge into Valhalla this became a highlight of the night. In addition, the sweeping solos and the unabashed thrash metal chugging added a lot of flavor to spruce up the pit. Judging by the atmosphere in the crowd the pit for L'esprit du Clan would be huge.

Suffice to say, I was not disappointed. For about an hour and fifteen minutes L'esprit du Clan led us through a wild and crazy set of hardcore death metal and the mosh pit pretty much never stopped. After one of the bands singers (Yes they have 2) yelled out "Our stage is your stage to!" the flow of stage divers never stopped. The ambiance was magic and I think we all thought that we would mosh until we died. The music was brilliant and very tight. I was very impressed at the raw energy yet accuracy that the band provided in some of their rhythm sections. This was a band at their most destructive. One of the more interesting things about this group is their use of two singers. At first I was afraid this would make the stage seem overcrowded, I was blessedly wrong and found out that instead it just increased the musics ferocity. Overall, the band played a truly sick set.

In conclusion, last night at Divan Du Monde was brilliant. Every band knew what they where there to do and executed perfectly. Their was crazy moshing, wild music and lots of metal. All three of the bands played their hearts out and showed the magic of hardcore. With Inside Project with their great stage show their was truly passionate music to start off the night. Anonymus was the perfect band to get the mosh pit going. Finally, L'esprit du Clan just exploded and completely blew me away. So go check out all three of these acts and be ready to be ripped apart!

Inside Project
L'esprit du Clan

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