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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dead City

Dead City
Dead City is a killer metal band who will rip off your face and shove it into a gutter. Their music is wild and brutal and filled with all sorts of crazy riffs. The guitar playing seems to be a mix of hardcore with thrash metal. Their are lots of fun Slayer like rhythm fills and grooves but their are also some pretty sick breakdowns. (Yes, the breakdowns are actually good here). Meanwhile the bass playing is sick and really gets to shine on the half-time bits. Yet it also has some manic riffing of its own to do. The drumming is really well executed and I really like the energy he adds. He really spices up some of the more straightforward guitar parts. The growls are vivacious and filled with a wild death metal energy that just makes me want to headbang. I love the way those parts are executed. Before I wrap up I'd just like to nod to the positively colossal energy this band has on the record. It makes me really want to see them live. So go check them out, this is one of the best bands I've reviewed in a while.

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