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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Bum Hips

 The Bum Hips
The Bum Hips are a nice indie jam band that provide some nice laid-back listening and fun songs that are usually very tasty. This is a band that captures the magic of the Grateful Dead but modernizes the essential ideas. Its' a rather interesting mix. The guitars are cool because asides from the bouncy rhythms there is almost a solo going on. This adds a lot of flavor to the music and spices up some of the simpler sections. The bass work is rather heavy and really fills out the sound. In particular it really makes songs like Beneath the Clouds a lot more interesting. The drumming is upbeat and features a ton of nice little fills. Its nothing magnificent but it definitely gets the job done and keeps the mood up. Finally the band singer has a very strong voice that he uses to help give the songs a bit more of a sense of direction. He grounds the band in the earth. So go check out the Bum Hips, they are quite the band.

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