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Saturday, November 10, 2012


DenonciatoR officiel
Denonciator is a vicious French thrash metal band from the underbelly of the Paris metal scene. Their music is wonderfully brutal and filled with an evil metal might. In the vein of bands like Testament or Exodus these guys go all out to bring you some of the craziest thrash metal in the world. Spurred on by over the top gory lyrics this band will make you headbang. They embody thrash and understand the true metal magic. This band really brings me back to the early 80s when their where tons of fun and crazy heavy metal bands who would headbang till death and sing about all sorts of wonderfully gory things. With vicious guitars, a wild bassist and hectic drumming this band will not let you down. Suffic to say I am VERY excited to be seeing them in a few weeks. Go check them out now!

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