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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Ebonix is a brilliant progressive rock band very much in the vein of some of our favorite prog acts. With a sound very much in the vein of the masters of Dream Theater and Haken these guys are a pleasure to review. Their music is beautiful and filled with all sorts of interesting layers. Every song takes some fascinating twists and turns that take the music to the new level. The musicianship is also stellar. While the parts are not overly technical the mastery of the arrangement shows genius at work here. That is not to say that their is not the occasional most excellent solo. Meanwhile the singing is very much in the vein of classic prog vocalists like James Labrie and Geoff Tate. It is excellently executed and very tasty. It really brings us back to what the music truly is, fantastic prog. So people, go check these guys out, it will blow your mind!

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