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Friday, November 30, 2012


Incursed is a stellar folk metal act with great production and really great lyrics that hearken to great Norse literature. Something that a folk metal nerd like me absolutely adores. The music on their new album is epic in scale and shows these guys to be stellar musicians who are very influenced by bands like Moonsorrow and Ensiferum. These guys know how to make good folk metal.

The riffs are all very solid and usually feature some nice chunky melodies that are layered on top to add flavor. In addition there are some truly brilliant solos. I really like the power that the riffs manage to convey. I think that adds a nice power metal element and also shows off great composition skills. Meanwhile the guitar melodies can be very folky and add a lot of flavor.

The bass playing is absolutely sick, the solo on the intro of Jormugandr is incredible and further proves the high musicianship of the band. During more rhythm based sections he fills out the bottom ends and adds a bit of interest to the music. The drumming is overall very heavy with a particularly explosive intro on Fesity Blood. His double bass kicks are rapid and he adds a lot of energy to the music. All in all this band has a solid rhythm section.

 The atmospheric keys add a layer of power metal magic to the mix. I really like some of the extended keyboard solos too. I think they really show off the virtuoso level present throughout the band. Their are a smattering of other folk instruments here and there. Overall they just help emphasize the viking side of the music but I think they are well applied.

Finally the vocals are excellent. With a combination of growls and cleans these guys are quite clearly influenced by Wintersun and other epic viking metal bands. I really like this style of structuring songs and Fimbulwinter knows how to do it properly. It helps to create huge choruses and to make the music soudn even more powerful.

In conclusion, Incursed has really impressed me with their latest release. It's impressive to see that even an unsigned band can release an album that is pretty much at the level of something by Wintersun or Ensiferum. Yes, its that good. Any folk metaller needs to check this album out. It has stellar production and even better music. Go listen NOW!

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