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Friday, November 30, 2012

Paris Metal France Festival Preview Part 2


So here is my second preview of the Paris Metal France Festival coming up in January. Todays preview is of the second night of the festival. This is going to be a tribute to the golden oldies of the genre. With appearances from legends of french metal like Ocean and Blaspheme this will be a night to remember! I have to say again that Phil (the organiser) really knows how to attract some truly fantastic bands to this event. I think that the second evening will see a lot more heads banging instead of bodies moshing, but it should still be pretty metal!

Asides from the guests, the first band on the set list is Morglbl eclectic jazz metal musicians. Their music is complex and weird. Yet I think it will be fun to see live. Next up is Pink Rose pioneers of French glam. Their set promises to be flashy, fabulous and very fun. After them comes Dygitals, another old classic French band whose brand of exciting NWOBHM should be cool to see live. I can't wait to hear some of those solos under Divan Du Monde's great sound system. Tears are one of the founders of French Glam. Their influence on that scene was huge and seeing them will be living history! Ocean (a band I've seen live before) opened up for Iron Maiden and AC/DC back in the day. They are probably my favorite classic french metal band and with a fiery lead singer they know how to deliver live. Blaspheme are a very NWOBHMy band who helped pioneer the scene. They are a bit older than most of the other bands on the bill and definitely will be cool live. Finally, the headliner, appropriately named Headline are awesome french prog-metallers who could be called the French Dream Theater. They have years of experience and will surely bring the house down.

To wrap up, this should be a who's who of classic French Metal. The music will be fairly heavy and you'll get to see some living history. A lot of these bands have only recently reunited and it will be cool to see them playing together after so long. It's bands like these who created the Paris underground and all French metalheads owe something to them. So come on down to Paris the 12th of January and find out how the whole French scene got started. It will be a glorious evening when old legends will once more dominate their city!

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