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Friday, November 2, 2012

Only a Shadow Remains

Premeditated cover art
Only a Shadow Remains is a pretty cool melodeath band who incorporate some interesting grind elements into their sound to get an overall mix that is very tasty and very much worth checking out. The guitar parts are ferocious and feature quite a few colossal riffs. They are all played with a manic thrash metal energy and this helps give the band a bit more of an edge. Also the solos are ferocious and will not let up. Meanwhile the bass playing is very accurate and adds a lot of heaviness to the overall sound. I just wish the bassist got a few more fills. The drumming is pretty fast and accurate. However the mix seems a little off at times. Overall though this band has a very solid rhythm section. Finally the growls are vicious and seem to be a bit grindcore-like to me. I think this helps differentiate the band and probably really gets the pit going in a live setting. In conclusion, Only a Shadow Remains is a very cool, very fun band. Go check them out!

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