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Monday, November 5, 2012


Sunrise cover art
From the dark streets of London and the darkness of Kent comes Zocalo a groove metal band who will blow you away. Zocalo is essentially what would happen if a girl sang for Pantera. In other words, this band is INCREDIBLE. The guitar work is very groovy and the Pantera/Down influence is formidable. Yet the music is still presented as its own thing and still has a lot of flavor. The bass playing is solid and features a lot of tasty rhythm bits. In particular the heavy playing on Sunrise is extremely tasty. Meanwhile the drumming is chock to the brim with heavy metal energy and even in the moodier bits the drummer seems to exude rock and roll energy. He really helps keep things going forward. Finally the vocals are at once symphonic as they are gritty. They have something for everyone and will really drive the metal into your face. I love how they really set the band apart, their are not many bands in this genre with a girl singing, I think thats really cool. In conclusion, you guys need to go check this group out, they will bomb your ear drums and you won't be able to stop listening.

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