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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Erotic Drive (black edition) cover art

Serments is a really cool proggy hard rock band with incredibly good vocals and some really interesting arrangements. Their music is really well executed and they definitely know how to rock. I really like the Dream Theater elements that the spacey synth arrangements provide. Meanwhile the guitar parts provide a nice combination of psychedelia and modern metal. The riffs are usually fairly solid and very much in the contemperary heavy music vein. I think the overall mixture of sounds and the female vocals (which I really must stress, are FANTASTIC) help set this band apart. As for their new album Erotic Drive it's definitely a very solid slab of interesting modern metal. Their music has a bit more depth to it than your standard issue 2012 metal album. Its definitely worth the 5 dollars to download it. So go check them out!

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